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50012 w

  • For use on existing Medicatorpumps
  • Mobil Dosage station
  • Container with volume of 50 ltr. mounted on an all stainless steel chassis
  • Stainless steel mixer, 12V Motor, stainless steel intake line, timer
  • With quick couplers, can be installed easily anywhere


The medicine is automatically mixed. Complete with stainless steel mixer and time switch to settling the dissolved medicine, thus high accuracy in dosing. Tank with 50 liters and chassis from ALL stainless steel.




Technical advice
Art. No. 50012


Spare parts
Motor 12 V with cable connection 50012-M
Power supply unit 50011-10
Stirring stick 50011-2
Intake line 50012-A
Chassis, complete 50012-W