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Heating plate PVC

  • New
  • PVC
  • 30% less power consumption

Whats New?

of PVC and a heating foil particularly produced for this purpose guarantees an even heat distribution.
The width of the heating plate is always 500 mm and the lengths 900/1200/1460 mm.
By redesigning this new heating plate, we were not only able to increase the size of the heating area, also the power consumption is significant reduced.
The saving is about 30%. The electric wire is still protected by a flexible stainless steel tube, not to be damaged by the animals.

With Sensor

Art. No. Measurement in mm Watt Plug
50873-R 900x500 50 right
50873-L 900x500 50 leftt
50871-R 1200x500 70 right
50871-L 1200x500 70 left
50875-R 1460x500 90 right
50875-L 1460x500 90 left

Without Sensor

Art. No. Measurement in mm Watt Plug
50872-R 900x500 50 right
50872-L 900x500 50 left
50870-R 1200x500 70 right
50870-L 1200x500 70 left
50874-R 1460x500 90 right
50874-L 1460x500 90 left

Instruction (PDF)