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Knowing your history is the basis for taking the right path in the future.

MONOFLO is a family owned and operated company since 1962 with a factory in Winchester/VA (110 km from Washington D. C.), USA und a sales office in Heppenheim / Germany (50 km from Frankfurt/Main). This longivity has made us to  one of the most experienced suppliers of automatic drinking-systems as well CNC-processed custom made components. This advantage and experience benefits all our customers.

Today the brothers Henning and Helmut Rader together with more than 150 employees in USA and Germany, coordinate our four  factories and manage the global distribution.

Below you will find a brief summary of our company's history:

Founding of MONOFLO in Germany by Helmut Rader, Senior. The company is specialized in the production of automatic drinking systems for livestock.
The headquarters and production is moved to the USA - the European sales office remains in Germany.
Helmut Rader (junior) becomes owner and general manager of MONOFLO in Heppenheim and helps build up the global network of factories.
Our partner Erkan Meric opens the first factory in our network for metal processing in Istanbul/Turkey.
Start of close cooperation with our partner Machmeric System Inc. in Hangzhou/China, specialist for mass production.
Our partner George Starbev opens the second factory in our network for metal processing in Sofia/Bulgaria.
Henning Rader becomes owner and presidenten of MONOFLO in Winchester. The expansion of the Monoflo factory is completed and it covers 20.000 sqm of production and warehosue space.
Monoflo/Germany moves its offices and warehouse into a new 1.200 sqm bullding in Heppenheim.
Start of custom made products for the chemical and solar industry, main focus are stainless steel brackets for the solar panels.
Modernisation into the production process for metal works begins, CNC-sheet bending and wireEosion machines (for the factory in Bulgaria) as well as CNC-pipe bending and pipe cutting machines (for the factory in Turkey).
Second phase of the modernisation begins with the purchase CNC-turning mamchines (for the factory in Turkey) and 2 CNC-milling machines (for the factory in Bulgaria).
Third phase of this modernisation is completed with the investment into a CNC-laser cutting machine, third CNC-milling machine and a welding robot cabin (for the factory in Bulgaria).
We invested in a Coil-punch-line for the production of U-posts in stainless steel.
We celebrate the 50th anniversary of MONOFLO! In our office we added 5 new work places and expanded our warehouse by 840 additional pallet spaces.
Kevin Rader joins MONOFLO, supporting the sales team. Now in the 3rd generation the future looks bright for MONOFLO./dd>

Through the investments of the years 2006 - 2010 we have optimized our production in the CNC-processing and are capable of making a wide range of custom made parts for our industrial and livestock customers.


Monoflo starts building a new warehouse in August 2017. This offers after completion about 3000 square meters of storage space and another 450 square meters of administrative offices.