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Use the synergy, create the best solution.

In the beginning Monoflo specialized itself on the production and distribution of automatic drinking systems for livestock and in this area we are known and respected world-wide.

For the production of the different drinking systems, we built up an extensive machinery and four production facilities. So it was obvious, that we also offer our own perfect network for the production of your individual desires. We manufacture components from trial runs to mass production. Depending on the customers requirements we use a wide range of materials, with our focus on stainless steel.

Your drawing guidelines will be, according to the production method, either conventional or by use of CAD-CAM workplaces manufacturing and professional edited. The production afterwards is based on a tested and coordinated assembly process.

Our office in Heppenheim is the link between our factories and customers. We coordinate the production process, supplying materials and machines, and pass on the advantages of this global sourcing directly on to you. Additional assembly work can also be offered. Use the Monoflo-network to your advantage, from production to price, we strive to give you the best.


Our distribution has a global structure, covering all important markets. Monoflo International Inc. (USA) supplies to whole American continent as well as the Far Eastern markets. Monoflo Produktions GmbH & Co. KG (Deutschland) services the customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Always expect more!

Each person is a customer, we also purchase products on a regular basis. From the perspective of a customer, we know what you want and need. Our philosophy is to all that is possible to meet or even exceed your expectations. Our goal is not to have satisfied customers, but happy customers. Only happy customer are loyal customers.

Production Facilities

At Monoflo we have four production facilities spread over 3 continents, permitting us to give the respective production to the most suitable location. The deciding factor is not only the price, but also the available machines, capacities and delivery times. We serve as the link between our factories and customers.

For our European factories the material purchasing as well as investments into the production process and machines are coordinated and financed through the Monoflo Produktions GmbH & Co. KG. The factories are only responsible for the energy and labor costs. The benefits of this most efficient costs structure is passed on directly to you!

Promex | Bulgaria

Our partner Promex near Sofia (founded in 1993) has 135 employees and a production area of 5.500 sqm Promex is very well prepared for the desires of our customers with the following requirements.

Intermetal | Turkey

Our partner Intermetall in Instanbul (founded in 1991) has 35 employees and a production area of 2.500 sqm With the conduction of Erkan Meric, Intermetall is very well prepared for the desires of our customers with the following requirements.

Machmeric | China

Our partner MACHMERIC in Hangzhou (founded in 1992) has 85 employees and a production area of 6.500 sqm MACHMERIC is very well prepared for the desires of our customers with the following requirements

Monoflo | USA

Our partner factory in the USA near Winchester, Virginia was founded in 1971 by Helmut Rader, sen. and is now family owned in the second generation. The factory is specialized on cast material manufacturing of various plastic materials and shapes. 140 employees manufacture large as well as small customized sequences on a production area of 12.500 sqm.