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Monoflo-Delivery time guarantee

When we receive your order for items from our catalogue und do not ship out within 10 working days, you will receive an additional rebate of 5 %. The same policy applies to custom made stainless steel water-pipes. In this case delivery is guaranteed within 30 working days. For any delay we grant the same additional rebate of 5 %. At Monoflo, we want to serve you best!

Tips for installation

In order to make the installation easier for you, we have these helpful tips and recommendations. For each drinker we have compiled a info page containing the installation heights, spare parts list and water flow table. For all drinkers we have some general tips before the start of the installation 

Installation height

The listed installation heights are a guide line. The animals should always lift their head slightly when drinking from bite-drinkers and lower it slightly when drinking from bowl-drinkers. For trough-sprayers and nipples we recommend the installation to be as low as possible, so the pigs cannot have the trough over flow by playing with the drinkers.  

For weaners we suggest using drinkers at two heights or height adjusters.

Insatllation angle

For all bite drinkers the installation angle can vary between 15°-45°. When using 15° please take the lower suggested installation height, by 45° use the higher one.

Water pressure

All drinkers (except nipple-drinkers 10090 – 10091) work on high or low pressure. Our max recommended water pressure is 4 bar (55 psi). For piglets and weaners the water pressure should not be above 2 bar (28 psi). The general rule is, the lower the water pressure, the better. The reasons herefore are:

  • Water savings
    Less wear on O-rings and washers
    Softer water flow
    Easier use

Therefore we recommend on higher pressure the use of a pressure reducer

Water-flow table

The listed water-flows are a guide line. The water pressure at the beginning and end of the building vary. All drinkers have an adjustable orifices, so the water flow can be adapted to the water pressure. For weaners to finishers we recommend a max. water-flow between 0,6 and 1 ltr/min. For sows the water-flow can be set at the maximum rate, as long as the drinkers are mounted above or in the trough. If you require a higher water-flow rate than our standard adjustable orifice allows, they can replaced with large single hole orifice in 3 mm, 3.5 mm or 4 mm. Pressure reducers allow a central adjusting of the water flow rate. For example, in the summer the pressure can be increased to raise the water-flow.

Water quality

Impurities in the water supply or piping systems are the main reasons for future problems on the drinkers. Therefore we strongly recommend the use of a water-filter.